Get Moving – Part Two (by P. Hessel)

Get Moving- Part Two Strength Training for Folks Over Fifty         My 80-something mom moved recently, putting her house on the market. She loves her condo and while it’s bittersweet for me to imagine never having another Christmas at the … Continued

Live Your Best Life!

Submitted by Holly Hamilton As we age in this fast paced, changing and challenging world, it pays to explore how others are coping. I found the below article excerpt on Huffington Post, from 02/20/2016. Here are things to remember:   1) … Continued

Get Moving – Part One

Written and submitted by Paige Hessel This series will introduce various ways to get exercise and keep our bodies in motion.   When did aging get such a bad rap?  Aging is a natural, organic progression.  It will happen to … Continued

The Power of Music on Memory

written and submitted by Paige Hessel, Care Coordinator   Recently, a friend posted a video by French musicians, Les Rita Mitsouko called Marcia Baila. I clicked on the link and was instantly transported back to the mid-80s. Memories rushed back; … Continued

Technology is Your Friend!

  by Holly Hamilton, Administrative Assistant Technology is your friend! Would anyone have believed it 50 years ago that we would communicate with little computers in our hands? Let alone that, but the signal would reach anywhere in the world, … Continued

History of Home Care, Part I

What is home care?  Perhaps surprisingly, this question doesn’t have a short, easy answer!  Paige and I were talking about this recently, and in our discussion I wondered about the history of this seemingly ‘new’ service that makes such a difference … Continued

Stay Safe When You Are at Home

Written by Paige Hessel Last week we gave you some information about being safe when you venture out in snowy and icy weather.  We want to share some thoughts on how you can make sure your home, or that of … Continued

Winter Weather Outdoor Safety

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Written by Paige Hessel There are good days and bad days in Louisville, just like everywhere.  Right now, in January of 2017 we have had some very cold days (in the teens) and days warm enough to open windows … Continued