Technology For Comfort

Technology is constantly evolving and making our lives easier. CareBuilders at Home has found the perfect way to combine technology with our caregiving services to offer enhanced experiences and monitoring of your loved ones. With our selection of caregiving technologies, specifically aimed to make living at home easier than ever, you can rest easy and have confidence that your loved one is safe and sound.

Technological Devices

Carebuilders at Home believes in a comprehensive and customized approach to care, including taking advantage of the latest advances in technology.  Modern technology can help you remain independent in your own home and our team has done extensive research to find the best options and bring them to you.


GPS SmartSole GPS Tracking

Ergonomic GPS enabled SmartSoles shoe insoles to help keep track of those with memory impairment. They slide into shoes and feel like regular insoles. Loved ones can be tracked unobtrusively to retain their privacy and dignity. Cellular technology within the SmartSoles enables connectivity in the U.S. wherever 2G T-Mobile and/or AT&T GSM coverage is available. A battery life of 1 to 2 days with normal use ensures connectivity during emergencies. SmartSoles tracking can be viewed for a computer, tablet, or smartphone and a mobile app is available.

Tabsafe Medication Dispensing

TabSafe is an easy-to-use, effective solution for managing medications, accommodating simple to the most complex schedules. TabSafe simply plugs into an electrical power outlet and a standard phone line. TabSafe then transmits and downloads the programmed medication schedule and reports, allowing for secure online access by the caregiver. When a medication is due, an alert reminds the user to press a button which triggers the medication to dispense into a drawer. Medications can be loaded either by a caregiver or a pharmacist into four individual or multi-dose cartridges. A variety of easy to fill cartridge models is available to accommodate the patient’s medication regimen. Add custom visual reminders or “as needed” PRN medication cartridges. TabSafe is a secure, locking unit.

Touchstream Tablet

TouchStream is a tablet-based monitoring system that helps people live independently while providing their families with peace of mind. Caregivers can use a web portal to create a calendar that helps keep track of appointments and daily activities and can also track their loved one’s status and can also receive alerts to a cell phone for important activities or abnormal conditions.